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Protagonist-Antagonist Parallels
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Do We Have This One?? Oh, and I'm open to title suggestions.

This is for common ground between protagonists and antagonists in comparison to most other characters in a series... besides being more significant in role than most other characters, that is. (Although often it is precisely because they have such a significant role that they therefore have such traits.)

Often times this will have to do with both sides knowing things that most characters either aren't aware of or are disinclined to believe.

Evil Counterpart may be a subtrope of this in that it is stated to be about similarities in abilities and obstacles in particular, and also that such a character is written for this purpose.

Not to be confused with Not So Different, which is more about the moral distinction between the good guys and the bad guys being argued in-story to be less significant than the good guys are comfortable with.


  • Harry Potter has major similarities between the title character and Voldemort; half-blood orphans who grew up amoung muggles (in an environment they hated), were never happy until they came to Hogwarts, had dark hair and their wands were "twins" (since they contained feathers from the same pheonix). They also both spoke parseltongue but that's a side effect of the curse Voldemort put on Harry, since that's an ability unique to him. If any user could provide the exact way it was worded in the book and/or movie, that would be appreciated, as it would make a good page quotation.
  • In Star Wars, or at least in the original trilogy, only the best of the good guys and the worst of the bad guys use the force; nearly everyone in between seems to see it as a mere religion.
  • In The Iron Giant, both Kent and Hogarth make reference to seeing a giant robot, and neither are taken seriously by the people they mention it to; well, earlier on, that is.
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