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The Foreign Me
A stranger in foreign culture who is essentially the same person as a member of the cast.
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In which the characters travel to another country, and find to their surprise (or, at least, the viewer's surprise) a character who looks, acts, and in essence is eerily the exact same as a character back home (if the character themselves is there, they or someone else may comment on it).

Nearly always played for humor, particularly with a character who plays an important role in the show's formula but couldn't come along to whatever country they go to: once they arrive, bam! They run into his doppelganger and the formula continues as normal, though this is far from the only application of this trope.
  • Darkwing Duck has an episode where Darkwing and company go to China and meet his old martial arts teacher. While there, Gosalyn meets a kid named Duck Ling, who is essentially the Chinese version of Honker from back home. Naturally, she hangs a lampshade on it.
  • Lois and Clark feature an old friend of Clark's named Chin, a mild-mannered reporter for the Chinatown Gazette, who wears odd oversized glasses (he and Clark "go to the same optometrist") and carries himself as a cheerful but unassumingly nerdy man - the Asian Clark Kent. This is lampshaded several times during the episode, and when a Robin Hood-esque superhero starts terrorizing corrupt Chinatown businessmen, Clark immediately comes to the conclusion that Chin is doing the same thing he is as Superman (though everyone else is incredulous). Turns out he's wrong.
  • Played for laughs in the Back to the Future cartoon, where every culture had a "Biff" counterpart.
  • Inspector Gadget has the Japanese Dr. Claw, Iji Waruda-san. He is exactly the same, right down to Frank Welker's voice and the only part of his body seen being his gauntlet.
    • The same episode had Penny's pen-pal Atsuko, who while not similar to her in appearance is clearly her kindred spirit in terms of personality.
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