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Subtext Bait And Switch
A character talking about another ends up talking about someone else, often themselves.
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Have we got this one already? This trope, often a comedic trope, turns up when one character is talking about another character, though loses track and starts saying things that easily apply to themselves:


  • The Truth: When William is telling Otto why he dislikes his father, and starts listing his father's faults, Otto stops him at one point to make sure this is still his father he's talking about.

Live-Action TV
  • In The Nanny episode "Curse of the Grandmas", Fran is worried that Maxwell doesn't realize it's her first anniversary of being hired.
    Niles: (seeing Maxwell look through his pocketbook) May I help you, sir?
    Niles: Something to look forward to, sir.
    Maxwell: C.C., maybe you can shed some light on this. You're a woman.
    Niles: I'm still waiting for the DNA results.
    C.C.: You men just don't get it. She doesn't hate you. it's her life. She doesn't have a boyfriend. She has a dead-end job with no prospects. She's working for a man who hardly knows she's alive. Her own dog hates her. A blind date stole her stereo... Who was I talking about again?
    • C.C. is obsessed with winning Maxwell's affections, but Maxwell never notices, regarding C.C. as nothing more than a business partner.
  • In a variation, in Malcolm in the Middle Lois ends up on a jury and is the hold out for an aquital (and then a conviction). While she's giving a speech at the end she accidentally refers to the defendant as Francis (her eldest son), begins mentioning things he did and realises that she needs to recuse herself from the jury.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the episode Ted, Buffy is ranting to Giles about how annoying vampires are (while beating the crap out of one), how they kill people and steal your friends and kiss your mom and make everyone pizza bagels...
    Giles:Buffy, I believe the subtext here is rapidly becoming ... text. Are you sure there's nothing you wish to share with me?

Web Comics

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