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Chased Off Into The Sunset
An ending where one character chases after the other
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So the story has ended. The villain has been defeated, the orphanage will stay open, the girl has been rescued, and everyone just sits back to relax and celebrate their victory - right?

Not necessarily... a character ends up chasing after another character, usually out of anger. Normally, this trope is Played for Laughs as the chased offender may have insulted someone else, did something stupid or wrong, or maybe committed some offense earlier on in the story. The two (usually it's two characters) end up in a chase while the others may look on, sometimes with indifference or sometimes even in amusement (bonus points if they're friends or teammates).

For this trope to apply, the chase has to happen at the end of the story. This could be the very end of a movie or TV show episode or just the end of an individual story in an anthology or a skit in a sketch comedy/variety show.

A type of Chase Scene and may overlap with Everyone Chasing You. If the chaser is an animal, it's Exit, Pursued by a Bear.


Anime and Manga
  • At the end of Episode 4 of the Little Lulu anime, after the Endurance Test is over and Tubby is awarded the medal for going the longest without any food, Tubby then figures out that someone else also walked the course besides himself, before pointing out that Lulu was the one who brought back the food that he hid the night before. Lulu then tells Tubby that she didn't want him to break the rules, which culminates in Tubby chasing after Lulu. Of course, earlier in the episode, when Tubby explains to Lulu about the food he hid all over the course the night before, Lulu was Obfuscating Stupidity to throw off Tubby's suspicions.
  • In Daily Lives of High School Boys, in the strip High School Boys and the New Term, Yoshitake and his group attended school one day before the term actually starts because the teacher misinformed them. It ends up with the students chasing after the teacher.
  • The 2nd opening and ending of Zero no Tsukaima ends with Saito being chased by Louise.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie: With the day saved, Sonic runs for the horizon. Tails and Knuckles follow, then everyone else piles into Robotnik's Eggmobile and flies after. Sonic realizes that everyone is following him, and he puts on a burst of speed before the credits roll.

Comic Books
  • Frequently pops up in the European Scrooge McDuck stories. When one of Scrooge's plans to make more money fails, rather than accept responsibility, Scrooge blames Donald Duck. The story then ends with an angry Scrooge chasing after Donald, often carrying a big club or mace. Huey, Dewey, and Louie usually look on, sometimes with indifference but sometimes chortling with amusement.
  • This happens in virtually every last panel of every story in the Spanish comic series ''Clever & Smart'', with the two bumbling secret agents typically being chased by their boss, his secretary, the agency's scientist, or a combination thereof because they (again) screwed up their case big time. Sometimes, Clever will also use his superhuman camouflage skills to hide as a cactus, cow etc. with Smart hiding "in" him, and their suspicious pursuers in the vicinity looking around for them.
  • An Archie Comics story had Jughead timing Archie for the latter's partaking in a track meet, where he is astonished to learn that he just broke the record for being the fastest there is. Come the day of the track meet, after Archie wins the race, Coach Kleats then reveals to Archie that Jughead's stopwatch is actually a lot slower than Archie, which angers Archie so much that he starts chasing Jughead at the end of the story.
  • One of the Valhalla comic albums ends this way. Earlier in the story, Loki lures a giant's horse away to make sure the giant can't complete a bet. He does this by disguising himself as a mare - and months later, comes back with a gift for Odin, the eight-legged steed Sleipnir. Loki runs into the male horse again at the end of the story and promptly flees for his life with the horse in pursuit.



Live-Action TV
  • The mandatory ending for The Benny Hill Show - Benny Hill's character is usually shown being chased off into the horizon by an angry mob.
  • A Plot Arc during the Closing Credits of Blackadder II shows the minstrel singing the theme song irritating Blackadder, Blackadder chasing him, and finally catching & drowning him.

Western Animation
  • Happened at least once in Fangface - one episode ended with Puggsy angrily chasing Sherman "Fangs" Fangsworth into the distance. This ended up happening when Fangs' alter ego, Fangface, attempted to eat Puggsy and then changed back. As Fangs had no memory of what his werewolf self did, he's puzzled as to why he's being chased.
  • Done in DuckTales after Launchpad McQuack crashes a spaceship right into Scrooge Mc Duck's swimming pool.
    • It happens to Launchpad again in the episode "The Golden Fleecing". At the end of the adventure, Launchpad is pursued by one of the lovestruck Harpies.
  • This happens at the end of the Mr. Bogus episode "Waterboy Bogus", when Mole accidentally pokes Ratty in the backside with his trident. When Mole tries apologizing to an angry Ratty that he didn't mean to poke him, Ratty takes the trident from Mole and starts chasing after him across the water, as sort of a Shout-Out to the Little Lulu example above.
  • Aristotle chases after Socrates at the end of the Adventures from the Book of Virtues episode "Moderation", after Socrates eats the remaining cookies in the jar.
  • This is a typical ending for MGM's Tom and Jerry cartoons.
    • In "The Bodyguard," the dog catcher's truck drives away with Spike the bulldog penned inside. Jerry Mouse pursues the truck, hoping to free Spike a second time. Tom Cat pursues Jerry Mouse because that's what Tom does.
    • In "Part Time Pal," a drunken Tom Cat is chased under the moonlight by a vengeful Mammy Twoshoes.
    • Inverted in "Doctor Jekyll And Mister Mouse," where it's Jerry chasing an ultra-miniaturized Tom around the house.
    • Played with in "Texas Tom," where Jerry Mouse rides Tom Cat like a bronco into the western sunset.
  • Played straight in the 1934 Merrie Melodies short "The Miller's Daughter". At the end of the cartoon, the lady of the house angrily lashes out at the cat, thinking it had broken a lamp. The two statues watch with pleasure as she chases the cat out of the house and into the distance.
  • The Garfield and Friends episode "Weighty Problem" ended with Jon angrily chasing after Garfield after learning that the latter had tampered with the scale into making him think that he needed to lose extra weight.
  • The Static Shock episode "The Usual Suspect" ends with Virgil's sister, Sharon, chasing after him after one too many wisecracks.
  • There are a couple of episodes of Pucca that end with Garu being chased by the titular character as she wishes to kiss him (which Garu does not like).
  • In the Adventure Time episode titled What was Missing, Finn, Jake, Bubblegum, and Marceline spend the day opening the Doorlords gate by forming a band and playing a song. In the end they get in and retrieve their stolen items. Finn points out that Marceline didn't lose anything, but she just wanted to hang out. Marceline gets angry, transforms into a large monster, and chases Finn out in the dark.

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