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Fisticuffs Make Firm Friendships
Two characters get in a fistfight, at the end of which they work out their issues and become better friends.
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Thanks to Lance Omikron for the idea on this one- I'd planned on asking Lost and Found about it but he got to it first. He never got around to doing a YKTTW so here I am with one.

This is a scene in which two of the main characters get in an argument which escalates into a fistfight. After they beat each other up for a while (often with a female friend of the two characters trying unsuccessfully to break up the fight), the fight ends (occasionally with a Cross Counter) and the two characters, laugh, say things like "You've got quite a punch," and settle their differences, usually forming a stronger friendship in the process. This tends to happen between The Leader and The Lancer.

Similar to Defeat Means Friendship, only in this case the characters are usually already on the same side.
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