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Farm Saving Contest

A character or characters have to win some sort of contest or raise money to save a business or other thing.

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Oh No! The big, evil man from Giganticorp has threatened to buy out the family farm! Only by raising ten million dollars can Ma and Pa keep their home!

Wait, but doesn't that motorbike contest have a grand prize of ten million dollars? And doesn't their son Bob and his friends all love Motorbike Racing?

A Farm-Saving Contest is a fairly well-used story idea. If you don't win the contest, you loose something you love.

The story itself has several components:
  • The villain, preferably a rich tycoon, businessman , or some other nasty n'er-do-well, who sets an absurd deadline before the chance to save the "Farm," or other object/place expires.
  • The owners, who own the farm or thing being threatened.
  • The Hero, whose job it is to win the contest and get the reward.

Other potential cast include:

  • Mooks of the villain, who try to sabotage the hero.
  • A rival, who works for the villain.
  • A love interest, who can either cheer the hero on or can be kidnapped by the mooks to ratchet up the tension.

Examples in media:

  • Disney Channel Original Movies used to run on this trope.
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  • December 27, 2011
    This is Saving The Orphanage. To quote: "This plot doesn't have to center around an orphanage. Another popular variant is saving a family farm, followed closely by a youth or community center."