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Meet The Suspiciously Similar Substitute
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A character will meet another character who could almost be their own Suspiciously Similar Substitute. They have similar attitudes, mannerism and characteristics and sometimes they will actually be used as a substitute for the character. Often it's an ex who's dating someone incredibly similar to the original character, sometimes in a very similar manner it will be someone trying to get a new friend after they've lost an old one and the new friend is suspiciously similar to the old one.

A common complication is the original not seeing this resemblance and growing to dislike the copy, especially for the characteristics that they most obviously share.

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  • Occurred classically in Frasier, Season 4, Episode 6: "Mixed Doubles." No sooner has Frasier talked Niles out of asking Daphne out when Daphne shows up with her new beau, a virtual Niles clone. Niles condescendingly mocks him until suddenly the similarity dawns on him thanks to Frasier's and Martin's prodding.
  • Russ of Friends who Rachel dates just after breaking up with Ross. The only people who don't see the resemblance are Rachel, Ross and Phoebee (who think he looks like Bob Saget). This leads to a feedback loop of Ross and Russ arguing in exactly the same way saying the same thing over and over again before the whole think clicks in Rachel's mind.
  • When Bart and Milhouse's friendship hit the rocks in one episode of The Simpsons, Bart got himself a suspiciously similar substitute who had even less of a spine than Millhouse.
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