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Bloody Obvious Soap Opera Villainy
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Any scenario where an evil and malicious individual or group/family of people conspire and plot to obtain power utilizing the most transparent and stereo-typically obvious methods possible in doing so, yet remain undetected and supported by everyone except the protagonist, perhaps played by a Loser Protagonist or a Wise Beyond Their Years type character, who can see the villains for who they are.

The story usually revolves around a stereotypically malicious person or group, perhaps made up of Nouveau Richie, Upper Class Twits or Classic Villians and their bumbling and flagrant attempts to con and charm their way into some kind of power position, which to the protagonist's chagrin, consistently beguiles an unsuspecting populace, perhaps comprised of Adults Are Useless or Amazingly Embarrassing Parents type characters, who fall easy prey to Appeals To Flattery and other similarly brazen tactics.

Usually the protagonist exposes the dastardly plot for all to see and averts disaster just in time.
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