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Disobedient or Untrained Dog

A dog that'll chew up your shoes when you want them brought to you.

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In Real Life, dogs that act this way are the result of a poor lifestyle or bad owners who either neglect or fail to train them. Simple rememdies to fix the problems include changing their diet, teaching them "tricks", giving cues as to encourage "good behavior" over "bad behavior", and spaying or neutering the dog.

Compare Dogs Are Dumb. Contrast Heroic Dog and Hellhound (the two canine extremes).


Western Animation

  • The Simpsons: Santa's Little Helper is the most iconic example to Western audiences.
  • Curious George: In the TV series, Charkie is this type of dog, compared to the orderly and disciplined Hundley. She constantly barks, jumps around, never listens to orders without some kind of bribe, and most segments featuring her in a prominent role revolve around other characters making sure she doesn't ruin something. Once, she even injured the Man in the Yellow Hat.
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