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Lets Wait A While
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A Sister Trope to Celibate Hero, where the character (more often male than female) declares that they have no intention to just have sex for the sake of having sex. Either they're waiting for "The One", or they think they've found them, but the timing isn't right (that they want Their First Time to be special).

If the character who wants to wait is male, it's usually to show him as a romantic or old-fashioned (often both). If female, it's usually to show that she has some sort of fear or hang-up towards intimacy.

A frequent variant is an engaged couple deciding not to have sex again until after the wedding to make their wedding night "special".

The Trope Namer is Janet Jackson's song "Let's Wait A While" from the Control album.


  • Nick and Ki from General Protection Fault: Nick wants to wait until he and Ki are married because thinks that way is simply best. Ki thinks his explanation is the sweetest thing ever.
  • In his own comic, Tim "Robin II" Drake talks his girlfriend out of having sex just because she thinks that's what they're "supposed to do." Unfortunately for Tim, Ariana's father walks in on them (she's in a pink nightie at the time).
  • In New Warriors: Firestar, Nova and Namorita break Vance out of the convoy taking him to prison (He'd been convicted of manslaughter in the death of his father). After Vance convinces them to let him face the music, Nova, Namorita and the guards look the other way while he and Firestar have some 'alone time'. Angelica wants to, but Vance convinces her that their first time should be more special than a quick rut in the woods.
  • Dominic and Luna. Dominic learns that Luna's first time was an (intentionally engineered) utter disaster, so she has some serious hang-ups about intimacy on top her own self-esteem issues. It works out in the end, though (Three words: "Worth. The. Wait.)
  • Tipper and Charles from ''Namir Deiter', much to the annoyance of their roommate Gabby, who wished they'd stop crawling the walls and start crawling each other.
  • Joyce and Walky, due to Joyce's near-psychotic aversion to "pre-marital hanky-panky."
  • There never seems to be any question that Cory and Topanga in Boy Meets World are going to wait until they are married, although Cory has a harder time waiting than Topanga does. At one point during the engagement, she shows him her butt as a compromise to placate him.
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin: The protagonist and his love interest decide to wait until they've had a certain number of dates before they...do it.
  • Anita Blake didn't put out until the sixth book in the series, due to a bastard ex-fiancee.
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