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December December Romance
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Romantic love that arises between two elderly or senior characters. If mortality or mental illness is a theme, this is a sure recipe for Tear Jerkers aplenty. Compare May-December Romance. We've got another YKTTW for couples that grow old together.
  • In The Princess Diaries 2 (the Disney film, not the books), Joe the chauffer falls in love with the dowager queen. Their dialogue suggests that they've had some UST for quite a while, but are only now admitting it... ...and they finally decide to get married in the end.

Live-Action TV
  • Happened on Golden Girls when Sophia fell in love with a man she met on the boardwalk. Sadly, it was hinted at during the episode and revealed at the end that he had Alzheimer's, so they had to cut it short because he was going to be put in a home.
  • Britcom As Time Goes By - young lovers, a soldier and a nurse, lose contact when he's shipped off to the Korean War. They're re-united in their golden years. Counts as both a case of this trope and Grow Old with Me.
  • Happened with a couple of guest characters (both widowed) on Good Times. It was mentioned that as a married couple they could get more from social security than if they were single.

Newspaper Comics

Western Animation
  • Grandpa has had these a couple of times on The Simpsons. In one case, Marge tried to hook him up with her widowed mother (then Mr Burns came along). In another he dated a woman who lived in the same old folks home who died and left him a large sum of money.
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