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Training Induced Flaw
You use a skill, but automatically do something odd that was only appropriate for practice.
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The Kid Hero Martial Artist is diligently training his Thunder Punch for the big battle.

For hours, he stands up a dummy, hits it, walks over to it, then stands it back up so he can hit it again...

At last, he battles the BigBad! The villain leaves himself open, and the Kid winds up with a huge Thunder Punch, knocking the villain down!

Then the ordinarily pragmatic Hero walks over, stands the villain back up, and steps back into his stance..

What happened? This is what happens when some quirk of a characters' training method inadvertently appears in their actual performance of the skill.

In training, you did things certain ways in order to learn the skill faster and more efficiently. You needed to pick things up, keep them clean, hand equipment to your partner so they could get their turn, or whatever.

Obviously, you would never do those things in Real Life, right? Well, you just did. Oops.

  • In the 2010 reboot of The Karate Kid, Dre was told to do a certain movement in his Wax On, Wax Off training with "More Attitude!" In the last fight, he does the move, and makes the funny "More Attitude" face he made while practicing.

Real Life:
  • A police officer in Canada once had trained a technique to disarm a pistol. One day, a criminal pulled a pistol on him. He reached out in a flash and disarmed the criminal - then handed the gun back and was shot non-fatally.
  • In April 1970, in Newhall, CA, a long shootout between the California Highway Patrol and two criminals took place, ending with all four officers dead. On investigation, at least one of the officers died clutching a handful of spent .38 brass, as their shooting training involved stationary shooting on a range, followed by them having to pick up their spent brass before continuing on.
  • Many martial artists pull their attacks in sparring, and a number of martial artists, as a result, get into a fight and throw a flurry of lightning fast attacks into their assailant - none of which do any damage.
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