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Armor Powered By Telekinesis
Using some form of telekinesis to create Powered Armor.
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Formerly named Telekinetic Powered Armor.

A subtrope of Powered Armor, this is when a character uses telekinesis to create a suit of Powered Armor for themselves. The only difference from normal Powered Armor is that the telekinesis is providing the "power."

See also Animated Armor.


Comic Books
  • In X-Men, Magneto is fond of this trick. In fact sometimes he goes and creates things that resemble Humongous Mecha.

  • In the Doctor Who episode Death To The Daleks, on an alien planet a device drains away energy from any electrical device, leaving the TARDIS stranded. An expedition of Daleks is there with machine guns replacing their usual energy beams. As to how they can move at all, the Doctor claims that it's by telekinesis.

Video Games
  • The Bagmen conduits in inFAMOUS can form suits of armour/mecha from bits of scrap. The Big Bad's conduits can do something similar, but their constructs appear to be made entirely out of psychic energy (or something).


Western Animation
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