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Entertainingly Boring
A character so dull they are actually fun to watch
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A boring character is often the bane of medias, an undeveloped or poorly conveyed character with little interesting personality quirks to give them entertainment value. More often than not the excitment and enjoyment of any media they are in completely fades the moment they open their mouths...

Then there are characters who are so lifelessly dull and uneventful, it is actually amusing. Likely recognised in universe, with characters struggling to endure a minute of their dreary conversations about an average day at work or what they had for breakfast this morning.

Particularly extreme variants are void enough of personality to be The Stoic. Contrast with Flat Character, who genuinely (and perhaps inadvertantly) is boring.


  • Marge Simpson of The Simpsons has occasional moments of this, getting thrills from everyday activities such as housework and evening walks. However it varies how happy she truly is in her monotonus life and occasionally desires excitment.
  • Cleveland Brown acted as such in Family Guy with his more stable attitude than Peter's and extremely deadpan voice. Inverted in his own spin off where he leans more as a Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
    • The former show also has Buzz Killington, a recurring Upper-Class Twit who appears in numerous gags entertaining people with his extremely outdated "amusing yarn".
    Buzz: Now who would like to hear an amusing story about a bridge?...
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