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This is the story of how I died
Narrator at the beginning says
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People die in stories often. Stories are fraught with danger. We never know whom or when death will strike [[hottip:*:unless it's a family movie in which case it's limited to villains and when they are situated on high places]]. Nobody will tell us...except for when they do, right at the beginning, in the narration, saying "This is the story of how I died".

Massive spoiler for everything with this trope: They're lying. They never really die. Saying this line is practically a guarantee that they'll live, especially because they are saying it as the narrator, in the past tense which indicates that they lived or at least will make it to the end of the film to connect with the closing narration.

  • Rose Tyler in Doctor Who, new series two finale, she say "This is the story of how I died". she doesn't die. Gets sent to another dimension.
  • At the beginning of Fallen, beginning narrator man say "I wanna tell you about the time I almost died...." well he did say almost but y'know, it turns out that the narrator isn't the hero like we thought it was
  • Mr. Rider in Tangled he say "This is the story of how I died". Before he admits that it's not actually his story. although he does die. For a bit. Magical healing powers are involved
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