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It's basically an attack that does damage and also heals you.

Life Drain attacks generally come in three flavors:

  • HP restored equals the full damage dealt. Sometimes the reverse is also true, causing the maximum strength of the attack to vary inversely by the user's HP, an in particular fail to have any effect if their HP is already full.

  • HP restored equals a reasonable portion of the damage dealt, frequently 50%.

  • HP restored is a small fraction (such as 1%, 10%) of the damage dealt, to the point where the HP restoration is more of an added effect than the primary purpose for the attack. May also manifest as a status buff.

Oftentimes, Life Drain will be ineffective against undead (since they don't have any Life Energy to drain), or worse, it'll end up healing them and hurting the user, for much the same reason that Revive Kills Zombie.

Related to Mana Drain and for the non game mechanic version see Vampiric Draining


  • Pokemon Has Mega Drain, Dream Eater, Absorb, Drain Punch, Giga Drain, Leech Life (and Leech Seed) and Wood Horn.
    • Pokemon, for its worth, has all three types. "Dream Eater" restores full damage, "Absorb" and family restore half, and the "Shell Bell" hold item restores 1/8.
  • The Medic's Blutsauger from Team Fortress 2, also the Soldier's Black Box, the Pyro's Powerjack and Enemies covered in the Scout's Mad Milk.
  • Dungeons & Dragons 1st and 2nd Edition.
    • The alu-demon (alu-fiend) can drain 1d8 Hit Points by touch and be healed for half the amount drained.
    • A Vampiric Regeneration Ring heals its wearer for half the Hit Points the wearer inflicts on other creatures in melee combat.
  • Diablo. One possible weapon special ability is healing your character when you damage opponents.
  • Sonny 2. A number of attack abilities (such as Terrify) damage an enemy and heal your character.
  • Dragon Age also features a Drain Life spell. If you cast a Vulnerability Hex on the target first, you can actually perform an Improved Drain.
  • Knights of the Old Republic has a dark-side ability with the same name.
  • There are several instances of weapons in the Final Fantasy series that drain health from an opponent when used to attack. Usually called "Blood Sword" or something similar, IIRC. I forget whether or not there's an actual spell or ability that does this.
  • Necromancers in Guild Wars have a large selection of spells that do this.
  • One of the special abilities of the Chain-Rod weapon in Mega Man Zero 2.
  • Edge from Atelier Iris 3 can use Soul Eater when equipped with Jiptus Mana. Iris can summon the Faustus Mana to do the same, but since many of the enemies are immune to Faustus' trait...
  • The Drain Rune from Suikoden series will heal its bearer's HP by 10% of the physical damage done to a single enemy.
  • One of Beat's guns restores Beat's health as a percentage of damage dealt to the target.

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