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Everyone Gets A Trophy
Giving everyone awards—hurts nobody's feelings, but devalues achievement.
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In the good old days, winners were winners and losers were losers. Now there aren't any winners OR losers—just "participants!" Everyone gets a trophy now, even though my son Jimmy was CLEARLY the best batter in his T-ball league!

The polar opposite of Tall Poppy Syndrome—instead of scorning the winners in a competition, the feelings of the losers...er, runners-up are assuaged by giving everyone an equal award, usually a small trophy or a participation ribbon. This attitude came around in the 90s out of a desire to boost kids' self-esteem and make them feel as if their achievements were admirable. While teaching kids to hold value in their achievements no matter what their rank is a good goal, it has since reached Political Correctness Gone Mad-type levels and has since experienced a severe backlash from parents who want their high-achieving kids to be separated from lower-achieving ones. Mister Rogers and his "everyone is special" mantra has often been cited as a catalyst of the Everyone Gets A Trophy attitude coming into existence.

Very, VERY frequently Truth in Television.

(can't think of any fictional examples at the moment, can someone help me out? They have to exist...)
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