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I suggested this about a year ago... and can't remember what happened to it. AFAIK, it ma even have been made into a trope already without someone telling me. Still, can't find it, so I thought I'd try again.

This trope is when a hero saves the town, and the townspeople all gather to thank him, and give him gifts... then promptly send him away never to come back.

The reasons can be many. The hero may have saved the town by breaking a sacred law (such as killing the villain on a sacred ground), the hero may just have bad publicity (and be shooed from the village even without the gifts or the thanks), perhaps the villagers fear the hero's presence may attract new dangers (may even overlap with a sort of bad publicity in the form of "danger always follows that man"), the villagers might be ashamed have been rescued by an half-elf, or they might be as afraid from the hero as they were from the villain, after witnessing how powerful he is.
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