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Good Powers Good People
I have good powers, ergo I will be good.
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Every so often, a bad person--be it a villain, a Mook, or just an average Jerkass--gains superpowers. Frequently, these will be powers of darkness and evil (or at least moral ambiguity), reflecting their possessor's personality. However, sometimes these will be powers more often associated with light and good, such as healing and empathy. When a bad character is faced with the acquisition of such good powers, they have two choices:

  1. Stay the way they are, and exploit their new powers as best they can.
  2. Choose to embrace their new-found powers as a chance to start over, turn from their evil ways, and become good people.

If they choose the second option, you have Good Powers Good People.

This is the inverse of Bad Powers, Bad People, where a good person gains bad powers and turns bad.

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