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Magic Missile Storm

subtrope of Spam Attack - character unleashes a barrage of magical projectiles that swarm the enemy

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Squishy Wizards enjoy Spam Attacks too. For many spellcasters, their version is likely to be manifested in a Magic Missile Storm. This sends a swarm of magical projectiles firing at the opponent, likely but not always in the form of glowing energy orbs or pointed arrow-like shapes. They may spread out and weave and turn through the air before converging, and are likely to leave colored trails in the air as they move.

Compare Beam Spam, Roboteching and Macross Missile Massacre, as an example could be this trope and one of them as well. Not to be confused with Magic Missile.


  • Slayers, the spells Burst Rondo (weak) and Rune Flare (strong) do this.

  • Kamen Rider Den-O has the Boistous Shot, Climax Form's Gun Form-based 'Charge And Up' finisher is this.

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