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Money based power up
A power up or special attack costs your in game money to use
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A video game trope when a power up or special attack inexplicably uses up your in game money, rather then your ammunition or Mana Meter.

Some times it can be hand waved as being a simplified representation of logistics costs and expenditures, but most of the times no explanation is given in story.

Compare and contrast with Money for Nothing and Money From Nowhere.

  • In BioShock and BioShock II, A player could 'buy out' vending machines and security system at a high cost.
  • Used heavily in Mystical Ninja. Your basic ranged attack involves literally throwing coins at your enemies and later the magic attacks and power up grade all draw directly from your finances.
  • In the very first The Legend of Zelda firing your bow would cost you one rupee. Later games would include arrows as actual items proper.
  • lacking the Magic meter in other games, the Magic armour in twilight princess would drain your supply of rupees at a extremely fast rate.
  • Inverted in Metro2030. Post apocalypse society uses your in game bullets as currency.

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