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Sore Loser Parent
Parents who punish their kids when the kids beat the parents at something
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It's a well known fact that parents often punish their kids, whether the punishment take place for the kids' antics, disrespect, ignoring parents' instructions, or...beating them at chess?

Some parents abuse the power they have to discipline their children and use it to be sore losers. This trope is when parents punish their kids when their kids beat them at something.

Subtrope of Sore Loser and Hilariously Abusive Childhood.

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  • The German comic Vater & Sohn (Father & Son) shows the dad spanking his son when his son repeatedly kicks his ass at chess, as shown in the image.
  • In Family Guy, one episode had Peter repeatedly defeating his son Chris in multiple events, and being a really bad winner and rubbing his victories in Chris' face, while Chris, for his part, was a very good loser. Then when they hit the showers afterward Peter sees that Chris has a much, much larger penis than him, and spends the rest of the episode being a huge asshole to Chris (in a way that is not played for laughs) and Compensating for Something.
  • Saki Morinaga, the main character of Saki, had both parents and an older sister with this mentality when they played Mahjong. This was compounded by said family also being sore winners. They'd make a big deal of winning, and get mad at Saki if she won. Saki's response was to develop the ability to essentially break even at the end of every game.
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