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Hitler Youth Academy
The Evil Overlord's very own School with a curriculum of Brainwashing, Propaganda, and Repression.
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So you're the Evil Overlord of The Empire and you have a 0% Approval Rating, huh? Well, the best way to ensure you gain the people's hearts and minds is through a delicate mixture of a standardized public school curricululm and a few sharp knives.

The Hitler Youth Academy deals with the former. It is a very special school that a significant percentage of the empire's children are required to attend. It is stuffed with propaganda, lies, damned lies, and statistics. Its purpose is to groom the next generation of citizens into perfect, unthinking machines who love Big Brother, hate the enemy (even - no, ''especially'' when it's unclear exactly who the enemy is) and are perfectly willing to lay down their lives for their beloved empire.

Here they'll attend such wonderful classes as "Love Thy Dictator," "How to Spot a Rebel," "New Speak," "the Totally Factual Account of What Really Happened," and "Paramilitary Life and You!"

Named after the Real Life "Hitler Youth," which was less of a school dedicated to manipulating the minds of children, and more of a club dedicated to manipulating the minds of children.

Please note the Hitler Youth Academy teaches classes. It's not a military school or a boot camp. Yes, its physical education period may involve machine gun operation and hand-to-hand combat, but the main focus of a Hitler Youth Academy is brainwashing, pure and simple.

A natural Sub-Trope of the Academy of Evil that churns out Tyke Bombs destined to become Black Shirts.

These examples hail the Emperor!

Film Live Action
  • In Hook, Captain Hook attempts this on a small scale, trying to turn Peter Pan's children against him. The previous existence of a classroom in the pirate ship suggests this has been tried with other children at some point as well.

  • In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Hogwarts becomes this under the rule of Lord Voldemort. Students are openly taught both The Dark Arts and propaganda that shows muggles as subhuman. They are also used as hostages to keep their families in line.

Live-Action Television
  • In Captain Power, Dread Youth was Lord Dread's youth organization, modeled heavily on the Hitler Youth, which Pilot, The Chick of the Power Team, was once a part of.

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