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Asian Hooker Stereotype
The stereotype that Asian women are prostitutes
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  • Alt title: The "Me Love You Long Time" Stereotype.

Among white racist stereotypes, one of the classics is that the difference between white women and Asian women is that white women are respectable while Asian women are to be considered as prostitutes. Whether or not the individual Asian women is a sex worker or not is often beside the point.

Starting out among white people, this stereotype has since been adopted and nourished by some conservative Asians, as a Double Standard to keep "their" women in line: Western women can be free and still respectable, but an Asian woman behaving in the same way is to be condemned as a prostitute. This typically come in the form of Entitled to Have You implications that every Asian woman has some kind of duty to marry an Asian man - if she goes Asian Gal with White Guy it makes her a Race Traitor.

This trope can come to play in many different ways. When it is a part of a work's narrative itself, it might come in the form of the work's only female Asian character just happening to be a sex worker. When the trope is played by a character, it often come in the form of sexual harassment against a female Asian character - either by a white guy who consider her a whore for being Asian, or by an Asian guy who consider her a whore for not choosing him. It can also be used against male white characters, accusing him of being a john for visiting Asian countries or hanging out with Asian women.

This trope is sometimes used as a counterpoint for some other trope. In some settings, Asian women are Yamato Nadeshiko by default, but are easily Defiled Forever into this trope. In other settings, all Asian women re bad, although in different ways: She may be either this trope, or a devious Dragon Lady. In any case, an Asian Hooker Stereotype character might morph into an Asian Babymama.

Often played as a pure sex-object or object for pity. Hardly ever played as a admirable and problem-free character.


Comic Books

  • Full Metal Jacket, with it's infamous line "Me love you long time". The second half of the movie takes place in Vietnam, yet the hooker saying this line (and like two more lines total) is the only Vietnamese character who gets any dialogue at all.
    • Note that the soundtrack just happen to be about a woman breaking up and getting revenge. The movie end with most of the squad getting gunned down by a Vietnamese sniper - who is then revealed to be young and female.
  • In Jägarna ("The Hunters"), the villains are a gang of (Swedish redneck) petty criminals. Their lifestyle is to feign sickness to get welfare money from the state, while making a lot of money by killing reindeer belonging to the local Sami ethnic minority. Early in the movie, the narrative establish these hunters as being the scum of the earth, by having them sexually harassing a waitress and insist that it's okay because she is Asian and thus a whore. After escalating to murdering some random innocent people, they escalate further to raping the waitress while their leader use "Chinese hooker" as some kind of mantra. Oh, and he does know that she's not Chinese, the incorrect use of nationality is a part of establishing him as ignorant racist scum.
  • In the 1960s movie The World of Suzie Wong, Suzie is depicted as a prostitute who falls hopelessly in love with Caucasian man who refuses to return her feelings.
  • Exploited in The Fighter, as Dicky Ward's girlfriend readily poses as a hooker for a scam they are running.
  • At one point in Ong Bac, an american fighter taunts the Thai fighters claiming Thai women come to the US and become hookers because Thai men are wimps.

  • Michael Holbeq's Platform initially play this straight, objectifying Asian women with a cold detached cynicism. Eventually deconstructed, as this perspective is expanded to encompass all of mankind.

Web Comics
  • In Least I Could Do, we have the silent sex-worker with the "I suck for a buck" sign.

Western Animation
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