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Jackhammered Conversation

It's when a character (AIRHORN) has a conversation(TRAIN) and you can't hear parts(JACKHAMMER) because of loud noises(TRUCK HORN).

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You're watching Alice and Bob talking on TV. Bob asks "How was your day?" Alice replies "Well, it was pretty bad. I woke up when my dog-" A Jackhammer goes off near by causing it to be impossible for the viewer to listen, and Alice keeps talking. The Jack hammer stops-"It was so tiny, I thought it was harmless, but-" Jackhammer again."so I'm like 'Is that all ya got?', and he-"Jackhammer. "AND THEN I TRIPPED AND-"Jackhammer."And that's how my day went". Bob says "Wow. I feel so sorry for you! That WAS a bad day...".

What we have here is a perfect example of a Jackhammer conversation. In most cases, all parties except for the viewer can hear what is said. However, on occasion, it's Lampshaded by having characters claim that they're unable to hear them. Could be confused as a posible mix between The Unreveal, Plot-Based Voice Cancellation, and/or Sound Effect Bleep. While these may all seem similar, this trope tends to have less swearing and more gaps between sounds. The "gaps" tend to include sentences or chunks of sentences that seem somewhat unrelated. Usually, it's Played for Laughs, and it isn't quite important to understand what you can't hear because either nobody was supposed to understand it in the first place, or everyone else is supposed to get it but you.


    Western Animation 
  • In the Steven Universe short "Video Chat", this happened to Peridot when her Internet communication breaks up. Ironically, it happens as she's explaining how she got the internet working so well.
  • Occurs in"Escaliferb" from Phineas and Ferb:
    Malifishmertz:Let me tell you about my plan for seizing control of the Tri-Kingdom Area: You see, I was bullfrog hunting down by the rat-catchers shack and came across...[Malifishmertz rounds a corner while descending a circular staircase; his voice becomes muffled and indistinguishable; comes back into view] ... with the biggest raspberry I've ever seen! It was the size of a cucumber![rounding another corner, becoming again muffled; returns to view] ... is what I said because I had a gag over my mouth.[rounding another corner and muffled once again; comes back into view] And THAT'S why I decided to take over the Tri-Kingdom Area. True story.
  • Used in Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja When Howard tells the Bogger story in "Welcome Back Catfish". What's even more confusing is the is the hand gestures that he uses while telling the story and the fact that Randy is nearly throwing up upon hearing it. It's then used as a Chekhov's Gag to get a monster to throw up one of the sorcerer's orbs of power.

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    We already went through on Trope finder, and we couldn't find this one anywhere. Examples welcome.
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    Also, some extra body info wouldn't hurt. This is the first trope I made, so it's gotta look good.
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    I'm close to positive We Have This One. Let me look.

    Update: we kinda sorta do. I recognized this trope as the Running Gag used in The Fairly Oddparents whenever Timmy's father's actual name is brought up. He will start to speak, and every time he says his true name, a truck goes by blasting its horn, or some other noise drowns him out. The trope used there is Sound Effect Bleep with no profanity.

    There is also Plot Based Voice Cancellation which is similar.

    I guess I'd suggest a different title: Key Words Drowned Out By The Environment if that's not too kludgy?
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    The Plot Based Voice Cancellation is close, but I'm mostly going for conversations mostly Played For Laughs in which you have to fill-in-the-blank.

    The Fairly Odd Parents one fits BTW. Thanks.