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Goats Eat Everything
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The general portrayal in fiction that all goats are creatures that fall under the Extreme Omnivore heading. To the point that if anyone brings a goat into a story, there's a good chance that they'll eat something important that they weren't supposed to. This is normally played for laughs, and normally parodies are the only places you won't see it be played for laughs.


  • One episode of M*A*S*H involves the entire payroll being eaten by a goat which one of the first soldiers to get paid bought under the auspice of it being economically sound- he could, after all, get fresh milk from it. This causes numerous problems for the unit, as they must convince superiors that they lost their money because a goat ate it, and one character had taken a loan from another at a ludicrous interest rate on the assumption he would be able to pay it back pretty much the next day.
  • Referenced in one Robert Crumb Mr Natural comic. Crumb is telling a city-dweller about how he needs to go out and actually live life. After being convinced, the city-dweller asks Mr Natural if goats really eat cans- and Mr Natural immediately flies into a rage over the sheer absurdity of the question.
  • There was an old Popeye where there was a goat that seemed to actually prefer cans, empty or full. Of course this caused no end of trouble for our canned spinach - loving hero.
  • In "Steamboat Willie", a goat eats Minnie's ukulele and sheet music. So Mickey uses it as a living phonograph.
  • Scrooge McDuck once bought a goat to guard his money bin in the Disney comics. Unfortunately it both guarded and ate the money so Scrooge sold it back to the previous owner.
  • The wartime Looney Tunes cartoon "Scrap Happy Daffy" had old school Daffy trying to build up a scrap heap for the war effort and matching wits with a Nazi goat who tried to eat it all.
  • In The Hunchback of Notre Dame (the Disney version), Djali the goat eats Quasimodo's figures, which are made out of wood.
  • Grover of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is actually a satyr, but half-goat surely counts and he certainly eats everything.
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