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Maintenance Bay
That big hangar where ships and robots get worked on.
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Seen It a Million Times, Needs More Examples

Renamed and expanded in scope by popular demand, now get cracking with those examples!

A stock scene in Science-Fiction and Humongous Mecha shows: a robot or ship is being stored in a facility(usually a hangar or large storage bay), with countless catwalks and rafters surrounding it, technicians working on them, and deep, meaningful conversations happening with it as a backdrop.

This type of shot has many functions. First of all, it's a good way to see the machine in detail without it constantly moving around, allowing us to admire it up close(usually, the machine will be more lovingly drawn/rendered, since it's a still shot). Second, it's a great way to determine the machine's scale: by showing humans working on it, we can compare them to the machine to have a good sense of how big it is. Third, when in repair or maintenance, it allows us to see the machine's insides, which are usually only shown during battle damage. Finally, the machine can't be active all the time, or there'd not be any actual character development for the pilots, so this allows the machine to stay onscreen while still allowing the plot to move along.

This type of shot is common with machines of pretty much all sizes, but usually the bigger the better. If the machine is a setting by itself(like a mothership or large vessel), this kind of shot serves to not only be able to better admire the machine, it can also serve as a transition to a different setting outside the ship, such as a large station.


  • It's practically impossible to mention a Humongous Mecha show which DOESN'T have this kind of scene.
  • Serves as a good source of Scenery Porn for Star Trek fans when the Enterprise is being worked on.
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