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In shoujo manga bullies tend to use the same tactics over and over. They tend to be more relational bullying or anonymous intimidation than the physical bullying more common in shonen works. These tactics are most common in shoujo manga, but not limited to them. Common tactics:

  • Hiding someone's desk or school shoes.
  • Being ignored by the entire class, sometimes with the phrase 'there's a bug in here'
  • Being cornered and yelled at by a group after school.
  • Embarrassing photos and/or graffti posted in a public place.

Tactics that are usually lampshaded instead of straight:

  • Tacks in shoes (usually in a performance art based piece.
  • Ripping up a girl's clothing.


  • In Skip Beat! , Kyoko has dealt with the entire list from having her desk hidden to being ignored by her entire class. She notes that that sort of tactic is so common that she couldn't even use it for reference for her role.
  • In Kare Kano , after she stops trying to be a model student, Miyazawa has the entire class stop speaking to her.
  • In Devil and Her Love Song , Maria has her uniform ripped up and used as a flag, and balloons of ink put in her school shoes.
  • Lampshaded in Eensy Weensy Monster , while thinking of ways to bully Nanoha , the girls of the class think of ripping her party dress or putting a tack in her shoe 'like in a manga'.
  • Discussed in The Secret Notes Of Lady Kanako - Kanako notes the 'girl culture' way of getting ahead is putting tacks in shoes rather than working hard at ballet.
  • Himeko in Kannazuki no Miko is cornered by Chikane's fangirls but since hurting Himeko in any way is Chikane's Berserk Button, it doesn't end well for them.
  • Komari in Gokujou Drops is similarly cornered by Yukio's fangirls, who strip her nearly naked, and she hides in embarrassment until Yukio finds her.
  • In Revolutionary Girl Utena girls jealous of Sayonji's attention to Anthy: pretend to be her friends, and convince her to wear a special dress to a ball, which falls apart when they "accidentally" pour water over it. Good thing Utena saves Anthy's dignity with a makeshift dress out of tablecloth.
  • In Sailor Moon, Usagi finds a tack in her shoe... She put it there herself for the drama of it all
  • In Boys Before Flowers Tsukushi is subjected to graffiti on the wall saying that she's had 'two abortions' and photos of her and a boy in a compromising position.
  • In the shoujo manga Gatcha Gatcha Hiroyuki's fan write graffiti about Yuri being a slut on the walls, but Hiroyuki comes every day before school to remove it.
  • In Ouran High School Host Club the Beribara club members suggest that there will be a 'maidens behind the gym' meeting if Haruhi messes the play up.
  • In Bunny Drop , some third years corner Rin and get on her case for walking down the wrong corridor.
  • In Fruits Basket, Kisa is the victim of a version of the ignore tactic. First everyone in her class ignores her, and then whnever she says something everyone starts to giggle. This turns her into a Cute Mute.

Non- Shoujo Examples:

  • In Sakuran the other maids hide Tomeki's kimono and she gets scolded for this.
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