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Cruelty Filled Cooking
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Up for Grabs. Related to Jabba Table Manners, Evil Tastes Good, and Fur and Loathing, this is where a villain's choice of meal allows them to show off their evil credentials. Often Played for Laughs / Comedic Sociopathy.

Tends to involve the animal being cooked or the means of killing them, but sometimes will involve a meal prepared by callously wasting food.

  • Done seriously in Last Exile in a scene where the Big Bad Delphine exults in eating a fish that had been cleaned through the use/waste of lots of water- basically, she enjoyed the fish knowing that lots of people had to subsist on putrid water to make her meal possible.
  • In Order Of The Stick, Evil Overlord General Tarquin likes to eat magical creatures and has dishes that include an organ from a phoenix, which due to the nature of the animal, was cut out while it was still alive. Lampshaded by Elan, who comments about Tarquin accidentally hiring an evil caterer.
  • The Freshman has a club of rich people who pay to eat endangered species to extinction.
  • In the episode of The Simpsons where Lisa becomes a vegetarian, she angrily asks Homer if they have any food that wasn't made from brutally slaughtered animals. Homer replies, "Well, I think the veal died of loneliness."
  • Taken to an extreme with the Affront in The Culture novel Excession. The hat of that species is being sadistic in an over-the-top way and they not only hunt in a cruel way, but they actually genetically engineer animals to be in constant fear and pain as they enjoy the taste of meat more that way.
  • Might be stretching it, but Envy in Fullmetal Alchemist and Father in Fullmetal Alchemist are shown to enjoy the taste of philosopher's stones, which contain tons of souls kept in perpetual agony. I'm not sure you can get any more cruel than that.

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