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Helmer Equals The Big Bad
Fans of a franchise view its company as the franchise's future villain.
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A company, particularly a studio or a network, has a beloved Cash Cow Franchise that has so many fans. But once they started interfering with it, the fans believe it's being Ruined FOREVER, so they started portraying the company as a villain of the franchise, which would have been Biting-the-Hand Humor if it happens within the franchise.

According to The Other Wiki, "helmer"
is used in the movie production industrie [sic] to designate the person in charge of making a movie.

See also And the Fandom Rejoiced and Tainted by the Preview.

No fictional examples please, unless it's a parody of this trope. This is about fans insulting their favorite work's property owner, not characters insulting their employer.


Anime and Manga
  • Occasionally shows up in Touhou fanworks against Zun, who is literally the only creator.

  • When Warner Bros. pushed the release date of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to July 2009, Harry Potter fans threw a fit because of this, so they called Warners names like "muggles" and even "Voldemort".
  • Fans of the James Bond series (especially Daniel Craig fans) view MGM (longtime owner of the series) as a future Bond supervillain when the studio's financial troubles were delaying production of the twenty-third Bond installment.
  • When it was announced that the sequel rights to Terminator were being purchased by Pacificor, one fan posted a comment on this article screaming "Pacificor is SKYNET!".

Video Games
  • Yoshio Sakamoto(sometimes also Team Ninja) might as well be named the new antichrist given on how much flak (half the time completely undeserved) he has been getting from creating Metroid: Other M.
  • Square-Enix gets this hard these days. How else do you explain Final Fantasy XIII?
  • "operation cwal" is a cheat for three-second build times in the original Starcraft standing for Can't Wait Any Longer, a group of fans writing stories where the evil Blizzard corporation deliberately held back production of the game.

Western Animation
  • Upon reading this article about Disney converting Beauty and the Beast into 3D, one fan blamed it on current Disney and Pixar animation heads Ed Catmull and John Lasseter, stating "Before we make Pixar the Gaston in this tale, they did champion hand-drawn animation when they took over the studio."

Real Life
  • Inverted with former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Roy E. Disney was so fed up with Eisner's disastrous actions as CEO (which forced him to leave the company), that during his "Save Disney" campaign with Stanley Gold, he drew several pictures portraying Eisner as the witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, according to the book "DisneyWar" by James B. Stewart.
  • In the mid-nineties, Paramount sent cease-and-desist letters to the webmasters of various Star Trek fan sites on the grounds that the fans were violating intellectual property/copyright laws. The webmasters responded by casting Paramount in the "villain" role, frequently by comparing them to the assimilation-obsessed Borg or other warlike Trek species.
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