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What to do when you're without a weapon? Puny Humans must resort to Good Old Fisticuffs (or obtain an Emergency Weapon). On the other hand non-human races, animals and aliens tend to have claws, stings and other such abilities.

This need not involve claws; stingers or even more complex organic weapons count. As long as they're a natural part of the creature's anatomy.

Compare Anatomy Arsenal (which this can overlap with; the arsenal is literally part of the user's anatomy), Living Weapon (when the weapon's part of another creature entirely).

Super Trope to;
  • The current Trope Namer is Dungeons & Dragons, where "natural weapon" is a speacial ability for monsters.
  • Pretty much any Cat Girl involved in combat will use their claws.
    • In The Elder Scrolls series, the cat-like Khajiit get a bonus to their unarmed skill because of their claws.
    • Taokaka (and the rest of the Kaka) from BlazBlue has organic magitech claws that can absorb and use Seifer (something most of the other characters need weapons for).
  • Half-Life Xen aliens have "natural" weapons galore. Vortigaunts can produce huge bolts of directed electricity. Grunts have hornet guns, which seem to be some sort of insect hive that they've managed to turn into a weapon. Controllers can shoot balls of energy (ball lightning?) and the Nihilanth shoots these as well as teleport portals.
    • In Opposing Force, you have the Race X aliens: pit drones, which shoot some sort of biological darts from their forehead, the shocktroopers, which like the Xen grunts use two more forms of biological weapons (shock roaches and spore launchers), voltigores, which like Xen vortigaunts can shoot massive charges of electricity, the pit worm, which can fire a laser from its eye, and the gene worm, which can fire a chemical stream from its mouth.
  • The Zerg are made of the this trope...literally.
  • The Tyranids from Warhammer 40K. The inspiration for the Zerg.
  • Skunks have a well-known natural chemical weapon, spraying a substance that smells so foul, other animals fear it.
    • Bombardier Beetles take that Up to Eleven, spraying a boiling chemical to severely burn targets.
  • The Laguz in the Tellius Fire Emblem games and Mamkutes elsewhere in the series. The former use claws, beaks, etc., while the latter use Breath Weapons.
  • Real Life: the Australian cone shell can fire a neural-toxic laced harpoon. Seriously [1].
  • Resident Evil. The Licker mutant had huge claws that could rip through solid metal and inflict grievous wounds. Its bite attack was also fairly impressive.
  • The xenomorphs of the Alien series. Extendable teeth, tremendously powerful arms, acid for blood. Par for the course, snce they were created as Living Weapons in the expanded universe.
  • Several species of Pokémon base moves around their anatomy. Bulbasaur for example is famous for moves like Vine Whip and Bullet Seed, which use the bulb on its back, Octillery's signature move is Octazooka - which uses its mouth as an artillery piece, etc.
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