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Hand Engulf Grab

Point of view someone about to be ambushed or grabbed

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We see the someone about to grab someone else and that person's hand or hands fill up the screen, sometimes cutting it to black



  • Stitchthe Movie: The scene where Gantu grabs Lilo and puts her in a teleportation pod

Western Animation

  • Fosters Homefor Imaginary Friends: Near the end of the episode "Seeing Red" wear Red is about to attack Terrance

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: "Have You Seen This Snail" where Grandma is about to grab Gary "There you are"

  • The Adventuresof Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius:
    • "The League of Villans" Where T grabs Jimmy and Sheen in the courtroom
    • "Professor Calamitus I Presume" Calamitus in the robot suit attempts to kidnap Goddard

  • The Simpsons Tracey Ullman Short: "Bathtime" where Homer catches Bart hiding in the closet

  • Ben10: "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures" where Ben complains to Tim Dean about his show. But he orders Fiery Buddy to take him away

  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • Operation MOVIE: an usher taking Numbuh 4 away for sneaking into an R rated movie

  • Grim Adventuresof Billyand Mandy:
    • "Bearded Billy": Mandy taking Billy from under his bed and puts him in a sack
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