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Technically Living Vampire
Vampires that are not Undead
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Similar to Technically Living Zombie, Technically Living Vampire is when a writer wants to have vampires without including the supernatural. Typically living vampires lack most of the traditional weaknesses of vampires, but their invulnerability is reduced to a simple Healing Factor making them easier to kill. It's also not uncommon for them to be simply Long Lived rather than immortal.

Anime & Manga
  • Chiropterans in Blood+ are mostly humans infected with a "d-base" extracted from the blood of a queen. Chevaliers are humans fed blood from a queen. While the queens are the biological offspring of a queen and a chevalier, born as twins.
  • Methuselahs of Trinity Blood have a bacterium that feeds on red blood cells in their bloodstream. They typically live for 300 years and most are born with the bacteria, which kicks in sometime in their teens or twenties.
  • The True Ancestors of Nasu Verse, particularly, Tsukihime, are very much organic living beings. Vampires who became thus by being bitten by True Ancestors (or by other "second-generation" vampires), however, are regular undead.

Comic Books
  • Morbius was a vampire-esque superhuman designed to get around the Comics Code Authority's rules at the time.

  • The Saga of Darren Shan, they just age at a tenth normal human rate, half-vampires a fifth. Though when Darren was turned he faked his death so he could leave without drawing suspicion.
  • The original I Am Legend described the infected as vampires.
  • In Scott Westerfeld's Peeps "vampires" are actually people infected with a parasite that makes them violently insane as well as extending their lifespan and increasing their strength. Except for "carriers" who have the benefits of the parasite without the insanity, and mostly hunt the ones who are.
  • In The Sanguine Chronicles vampirism and lycanthropy are caused by a virus and the infectee is perfectly alive. As Marko has to convince Aconite after her infection.
  • In Fevre Dream, vampires are a separate humanoid species, who although long-lived do live and die as normal, and reproduce in the usual way. (The thing about bite victims becoming vampires is explicitly stated to be a baseless superstition.)
  • In Peter Watts' Blindsight vampires were a Human Subspecies that evolved to prey on other humans. But went extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago because right angles gave them seizures. The myths about the living dead stemmed from their ability to hibernate for decades at a time while their slow-breeding prey repopulated. And while they're assumed to have been capable of breeding normally, the fact that they were recreated in the 21st century by giving retroviral gene therapy to autistics and sociopaths suggests that there may have once been a natural virus that could turn ordinary humans, or at least half-vampires, into vampires.

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