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A very badass Australian
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A cousin of the badass Spaniard.

Since Australia has earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous countries on Earth, due to its harsh environment and myriad of highly dangerous creatures, many authors and creators have stood to reason that anyone who can survive there must be quite a bit tougher than your ordinary human. Australians (specifically, Australian males) in fiction are often portrayed as über-masculine rough-and-tumble supermen, champion outdoorsmen who tear up the outback in their Jeeps and have never met a crocodile they couldn't wrestle. Expect a fondness for knoives.

Some examples:

  • Obvious real life example: Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, i.e. the ballsiest animal rights activist ever to walk the Earth. As his nickname implies, Irwin is mostly known for wrestling crocodiles, which he had done since the age of nine. Many of the modern "badass Australian" tropes and stereotypes are in fact derived from him.
  • Mick Dundee, Paul Hogan's character in Crocodile Dundee. Something of a subversion, since his famous claims turn out to have been substantially exaggerated, and he's a bit clueless when out of his element. Still decidedly tough, though.
  • Jake from The Rescuers Down Under, a kangaroo rat and champion outdoorsman with whom Bernard battles for Bianca's affections.
  • Numbah Four in Codename: Kids Next Door is often portrayed as the toughest and most corageous of the team. However, to balance things out, he's also about as intelligent as a dirt clod.
  • Dee Bradley Baker voices every Clone Trooper from Star Wars: The Clone Wars with an Australian (allegedly New Zealand) accent--an entire army of badass Australians.

There are bound to be plenty more. Any contributions? :)
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