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So our hero's weaponless and about to face a horde of mooks. He looks around for anything that he can use in a pinch. He grabs the only thing available- a mop from the supply closet- and goes to town, using it as one would a Simple Staff. Note that the title need not be taken literally. Anything vaguely cylindrical and tall as the character wielded as an Improvised Weapon falls under this. The broomstick/ mop handle variant is just the most common. Theoretically, this can be Truth in Television.

Sub-Trope of Improvised Weapon. Removing the head is optional based on the Sliding Scale of Seriousness Versus Silliness.



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  • In Kajko I Kokosz , a Polish comic, Kokosz once used a broom as a very effective weapon. However, a Magic Feather was involved so he immidiately started losing once it fell apart, even though the handle alone would have been harder

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  • In The Matrix, Neo rips a metal post out of a cement block to use as a quarterstaff to use against Smith - clones.
  • Jackie Chan does this in at least one movie.
  • Eddie Murphy's Coming to America has Prince Akeem (professionally trained from childhood in martial arts) do this with an unscrew-able mop handle to ward off an armed robber played by Samuel L. Jackson.

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  • Used at least once in Jackie Chan Adventures
  • Done in TMNT 2003, when the turtles are held captive on a alien prison asteroid. They find a broom closet and get replacements for all of their weapons from inside.
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