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Voodoo Snowglobe
Shaking a snowglobe or miniture replica of a place or building causes an earthquake in that actual area
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So, you're exploring a castle, and you stumble upon a snowglobe containing a miniture replica of the castle you're in. But as you go to shake it, the room around you shakes as well. As you go to carry and walk it, you can feel the whole room move and sway. What's going on?

It turns out, that snowglobe is magical or cursed, and moving it affects the actual structure as well.

Subtrope of Reality Changing Miniature. Compare Voodoo Doll. May be a case of Recursive Reality depending on where the snowglobe is.


Interactive Fiction
  • In For A Change, the tower at the centre of the world contains a scale model of the world in a glass case, and whatever happens to the model also happens to the world.

  • Semi-obscure German "bizarre comedy" Texas by comedian Helge Schneider has a variation of this. In the showdown, some old guy appears with a suitcase, opens it and inside is a miniature set of the Old West town the movies takes place in. He shakes the suitcase and an eathquake occurs.

  • In an early Discworld novel, some people are traveling from one location to another inside a genie's magic lamp. Only one of them is still holding the lamp, and gives it an experimental shake, with predictable results.
    • From another Discworld novel, a scale replica of Great A'tuin is perceived to somehow be both a replica and the actual thing. No one touches it, just in case.

Tabletop Games
  • Subverted in John Rogers' d20 Modern story hour on ENWorld, "Drunk Southern Girls With Guns," the Player Characters, who are trapped at a truck stop by a snowstorm, have discovered a snowglobe that appears to be what the bad guys are after, which happens to be a perfect replica of the truck stop in general. One of them gives it a good shake. No earthquakes occur, but the snowstorm does increase in intensity, earning him a chewing-out by the others, who are all quite Genre Savvy.

Video Games
  • In Final Fantasy VII, inside the Temple of the Ancients, one of the rooms contains a miniture model of the temple, which is supposedly the Black Materia. Shaking the model causes the room to shake. It turns out the actual temple itself containing the model is the Black Materia.

Western Animation
  • The end of one Futurama episode ended with the crew in possession of a box containing their own universe. Bender shakes it, which causes a massive earthquake and even flinging the other characters into a wall.

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