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Spaceships Must Have Weapons
In science fiction many spaceships and starships can be relied upon to have implausible weaponry.
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a.k.a. Starships Must Have Weapons

The common Spaceship or Starship is likely to have a defense system; the Cool Spaceship or Starship is likely to have an awesome, if incredible, form of retaliation. In the form of laser power or Humongous Mecha. Be it a Death Ray, Wave Motion Gun, or any other form of the Impossibly Cool Weapon, because Reality Is Unrealistic.

It doesn't always have to be a weapon of imminent injury, though, it could just as easily be an attractive form of Non-Lethal Warfare because Spaceships must have weapons. As long as there is some sort of offense available, there needn't be any reasoning. The weaponry itself is also often somewhat 'futuristic'.

Asteroid Miners are frequently equipped with high-power lasers.


  • Averted with Serenity of Firefly, which is explicitly unarmed in the TV series and armed with a garden variety cannon in the movie.

  • The Millenium Falcon in Star Wars was modified with military grade weaponry that an imperial TIE pilot probably wouldn't expect on a freighter.

  • Dukat's freighter in the 4th Season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a standard Cardassian ugly flying brick that Dukat and Kira modified with weaponry taken from the wreckage of a Galor-class cruiser, a heavily armed Cardassian warship.

  • The Eureka Maru from Andromeda was a cargo/salvage ship that was armed to the teeth, to the point where it could often go toe to toe with the same ships that the Andromeda (a massive warship) would struggle with. Possibly justified in that the Andromeda is from 300 years ago and the Maru was built during a time when an entire galaxy is at war with itself.

  • The "Super-High-Mobility-Flying-Ship" Ragnarok from Final Fantasy VIII is simply an agile form of transportation, which is equipped with a particle cannon, two multi-barreled lasers and two retractable mega-claws.

  • In the Escape Velocity series it's rare to find a ship that isn't at least minimally armed, and even the ones that don't have guns have slots for them. Lampshaded by the Flavor Text for the UE Shuttle in EV Override, which treats it as a testimony to how dangerous the universe is.
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