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A character has a voice that you love to listen to, a voice that is so appropriate, so delightfully creepy, sexy or simply awesome that you can't help but think "Damn, I love this voice." This might be a result of Superlative Dubbing or Audio Erotica. See also Most Wonderful Sound.

Of course, Your Mileage May Vary

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  • Black Lagoon:

  • Blazblue
    • Rachel's voice perfectly fits her delightfully snarky and arrogant personality and is simply wonderful to listen to. Even more so in the gag reels.

  • Black Butler:
    • Sebastian. "Yes, my Lord." indeed.
    • Undertaker's voice has been described as the biggest source of Fetish Fuel of the character.
    • Alois is voiced by none other than Nana Mizuki, who does a outstanding job portraying his different moods (and mood swings).
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