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They Really Can Wrestle

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The Professional Wrestling equivalent of He Really Can Act. Not every wrestler gets a chance to make a good first impression. In fact, many great stars now once initially started off badly only to eventually prove themselves along the way. This is the reaction a fan will have when watching someone in the ring who never impressed before. Unlike in films however, it's normally a series of matches that give this reaction to fans. See Rescued from the Scrappy Heap if it's the character that improves - also to fit here, you don't have to like the wrestler in question, just admit that they can wrestle well.


  • The Miz was universally hated as a former reality TV star who tried out for Tough Enough. Two years wrestling on Smackdown didn't help matters until he got his big push in late 2009. The match in question that got people to take notice was against John Morrison at Bragging Rights. And for those who didn't, they eventually did after his match with Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions 2010.
  • John Cena was known for his typical Five Moves of Doom and stock comeback story in virtually every match. Then along comes his two matches with CM Punk at Money In The Bank and Summerslam as well as an awesome title match with Rey Mysterio on Raw. Even the Cena haters were admitting he brought his A-game.
  • Titus O'Neill was probably the blandest rookie on season 2 of NXT and nothing special in the ring. Fast forward to when he gets brought back for the fifth season and the difference is startling.
  • Trish Stratus got this gradually in 2002. People were impressed with her matches against Jazz and Molly Holly but she officially proved herself when she started doing all her hardcore matches against Victoria.
  • Michelle McCool quickly rose through the ranks on Smackdown as she improved vastly in the ring and became Divas' Champion though she didn't get much respect since she was dating The Undertaker. She finally started getting respect with her awesome matches against Melina at The Bash and Night of Champions. Speaking of Melina she also got this out of critics from her match with Mickie James at Backlash 2007 as well as her famous "I Quit" match against Beth Phoenix.
  • Kelly Kelly had shown noticeable improvements in the ring by the time she won the title but then came the trio of matches with Beth Phoenix on PPV in 2010 and she certainly turned a few heads.
  • People were wondering when the New Age Outlaws broke up if Billy Gunn could cut it as a singles competitor. His match against Chris Benoit at Armageddon 2000 proved that yes he could. Too bad the creative team didn't think so.
  • AJ Lee had a rather bad start on season 3 of NXT botching an awful lot and stuck with an unlikeable gimmick. Then came a match with Naomi on the penultimate episode...
  • Alex Riley had a lot of charisma but many people didn't think he could back it up in the ring. Then they saw his matches with The Miz as well as a Crowning Moment of Awesome at Money In The Bank where he somersaulted off the top of a ladder onto the rest of his opponents. For a man his size, it's impressive.
  • After several unsuccessful attempts at pushing Mark Henry over the years, WWE finally got it right in 2011 and his matches with Randy Orton left everyone breathless.
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  • November 27, 2011
    The Big Show's response to the "you can't wrestle" reaction was usually a suplex but occasionally something more unexpected like a drop kick. He rarely gets that reaction nowadays.