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Bullet Proof Image/Controversy Proof
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Do We Have This One?? Artists from certain genres of music can survive scandalous controversies that would destroy or cripple other pure mainstream artists, For instance; Any pop artists that said or did anything politically controversial, or done something that's legally reprehensible and possibly career ending could normally be survived by Alt/Rock, Heavy Metal, or Hardcore Hip Hop/Gangsta Rap artists. Pop artists come under scrutiny and they have to back peddle, clean up their image etc.. with the other aforementioned genres it probably HELPS their image. Sure the Moral Guardians will whine real loudly, but nothing will ever come of it. Their image and fanbase remain intact

This could also be true for actors and athletes whom are probably charismatic and charming enough that the general public wont care about what ever scandal is plaguing them. A good example is probably David Letterman, as oppose to Tiger Woods.
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