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A National Stereotyping Trope dealing with media portrayals of Jews.
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A National Stereotyping Trope dealing specifically with the Jewish, how the media portrays them, and the Unfortunate Implications of these portrayals. Thank you. For real notes on Jews, see Judaism.

As we all know, the Jews come from Qurac, which is basically Mexico in Europe and Asia. The Europeans and Asians can't decide where this country is, and the residents can't decide what religion it is. This is one of the three reasons why the Jewish moved to English places. The other reasons are, as we all know, because Adolf Hitler doesn't like them because they are greedy, and because You Have to Have Jews.

The other people in the desert country also kicked them out because they are too clever to be safe and all they do is argue and complain.[[note]]Some Truth in Television as, in Real Life, Palestine was the Jews' Holy Land first, and they like to make this known to all the Muslims.[[/note]]

These Jews will be instantly recognisable with their Yamaka, Star of David, big noses, black clothes, and olive skin. Their surname will always end with -berg, -man, -feld, -farb, -witz, -ski, or -stein, and will commonly begin with Rosen-, Fried-, Gold-, or Silver-. If they don't begin like this then they will contain at least one 'z'. Their first name will be Hannah, Isaac, or Jacob.

They will pepper their speech with Yiddish or Hebrew. They will also all be Ashkenazi Jews (Ask a Nazi) and the biggest cheapskates ever. They may possibly come from Poland.

The Jews will be direct descendants from immigrants, meaning that it was their parents, and no-one further down the line, who came from that desert all those years ago. It will have been an arranged marriage and the Jewish Mother will be the greatest, if most embarrassing, housewife ever. She makes the greatest brisket ever. If she has a daughter, she will obsessively insist that the girl meet a Nice Jewish Boy, preferably around the time of her Bat Mitzvah, however old she is when it happens.

The father may well have been an Arab Oil Sheikh back in the Middle East, but works as a humble accountant now. The whole family is Kosher and short, unless they're a main character, at which point this is only around the high holidays. Occasionally, they are all technophobes.

Don't be surprised if this Jew suddenly sprouts horns and looks like the Devil incarnate - you're just one of Those Wacky Nazis, or seeing something which fits with their propaganda! It wasn't only the Nazis who used the horned image of the Jews - it was nearly everyone; a statue of Moses by Michelangelo features them.[[note]]True, thanks to a mistranslation of The Bible from its original Hebrew into Latin by Saint Jerome, a passage in the Vulgate version of Exodus says that when Moses came down from the mount he was horned. The Hebrew keren means 'horned' whilst the passage actually read 'karan', which means 'glorious'. The vowels aren't distinctly written and so it could have been misread, yet Jerome uses 'horned' to mean 'glorified' or 'emitting radiance' elsewhere.[[/note]]

Lastly, they may very well be non-observing Jews, but not Ambiguously Jewish. Just don't expect them to actually stick to their beliefs. Your run-of-the-mill Jew doesn't have to fit all these stereotypes, but even just a handful is enough - enough so as one may assume that Jews are like that, when in Real Life they're not.


  • In Borat the Jews are very negatively shown as cheapskates and as horrible people, though Kazakhstan hasn't seemed to mind the fact people think its people are highly racist. The Jews in America, however, were quite displeased when they found out.

  • On The Simpsons, Krusty the Clown - or Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofsky - is the son of Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky (pictured above). The third season episode was meant to parody The Jazz Singer. It shows the Rabbi as a stuffy old Jew trying to prevent good entertainment.
  • Family Guy:
    • After a series of unfortunate events, Peter overhears Quagmire and Cleveland talk about how men with Jewish-sounding names have helped them achieve financial success he sings and ultimately ends up deciding that to become smarter, Chris should become a Jew. They drive to Las Vegas to have a secret Bar Mitzvah.
    • Fantastic Racism ensues when Lois (née Pewterschmidt) is discovered to be technically ethnically Jewish, which she and her father resent, but Peter embraces, wearing Rabbi robes, a Yamaka, and the Star of David on a chain - until he returns to Catholicism.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, Howard is explicitly described by another character as "the most stereotypical little Jewish man".
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