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Vertical platformer
Platformer/FPS game levels where the character has to move up not forward
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I can't remember any examples except one, although I am pretty sure there are many. I tried putting this in Lost And F Ound, but no responses there, so we probably don't have this one

This is a trope for platformer/FPS games where the character has to move vertically to advance through the game rather that horizontally.

Most 2D platformers make the hero move forward; ie; Within a screen you start to the one side and then make your way to the other side to go to the next screen. Similarly in most 3D platformers/shooters, most of the movement within a level is forward. The character might jump up and down platforms but the idea is to move ahead.

This trope is for game levels where the main movement is up and down. This could mean that the character has to jump from platform to plaform to get to some point above or below them. Or they might have to fight their way up some stairs.

Game levels that fit this trope introduce some special benefits :-. First of all, the character can take potshots at the NP Cs head while generally the NPC will try to shoot the character's body. Secondly, it's easier to drop a bomb on your enemies when they are below you, which makes it easy to fight down. Also, the platform/floor itself provides a nice shield. So, it's easy for the character to shoot off a round and then quickly move back to move out the enemy's sight. These game levels can provide some challenges too.

Sometimes the enemies are placed so that you cannot kill them without dropping into melee range, which can be troublesome if your primary weapon is a gun. Also, having to jump a lot limits your speed

When this trope is combined with Advancing Wall of Doom, the game becomes Rise to the Challenge. The player character in this genre usually takes no falling damage, and falling from a platform just means that you simply go down one level and have to start climbing again. However, many time, the bottom of the playing area is treated as a Bottomless Pit, and the player has to restart the level if s/he falls all the way down.

Not to be confused with Vertical Scrolling Shooter. In a Vertical Scrolling Shooter the character is moving forward. "Forward" is just oriented to be towards the top of the screen. The trope that I am looking for is from the POV of the character not the player.

  • Halo - In the level names The Silent Cartogropher, the Master Chief has to fight his way down to find the Silent Cartogropher. After finding the device, he has to fight on the way back up to get out. Luckily for the player, most of the tougher enemies are encountered on the way down
  • Catherine is a game in which during the day; you as Vincent answer text messages and discuss various things pertaining to relationships at The Stray Sheep, a quaint little bar. During the night as Vincent sleeps; you move up blocks or you fall to your doom; while avoiding sheep and bosses that represent Vincent's fears about relationships. And since Your Mind Makes It Real; if Vincent dies in a dream; he dies in the real world too.
  • Crazy Climber (1980). Your character had to climb up the wall of a skyscraper, dodging objects dropped from above and obstructions that blocked your path. When you reach the top, you're rescued by a helicopter.
  • Elevator Action (1983). Your character goes down through a building using elevators and escalators, picking up secret documents as you go. When you reach the bottom, you escape in a getaway car.
  • Ice Climber has the player attempting to ascend an icy mountain.
  • In Kid Icarus, areas 1 and 3 proceeded vertically, while area 2 proceeded horizontally.
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