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Single Good Act
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So there's this boy, and this girl who's largely dismissive towards him. But then, the girl witnesses him committing some single good act (rescuing someone from bullies, stopping to help someone with errands, etc.) that makes her think "maybe he's not so bad after all" and inevitably shoehorns the two towards a relationship. Alternatively, witnessing this act may have been what first piqued interest in one party in the other.

Essentially, a specific form of Relationship Upgrade that tends to happen very early on in the Romance Arc, if not start it entirely. It's a pretty common way in which fiction simplifies romance, so I thought that maybe we could have this?


  • When Junichi defends Ai from an aggressive dog in Amagami - Love Goes On!
  • When Shinji defeats the Angel in his first fight together with Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion (the details escape me here, any help?)
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