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Walmart Weaponry
Action heros commonly create weapons from ordinary objects, found in supermarkets.
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So, our action movie hero is wounded, disarmed, and had escaped the baddies by sheer luck. He has no weapons, no backup, and is no brawler himself. What comes to his help? Mc Gyvering , of course! A tech-savy hero can create a badass arsenal from what is found in and department store. So, expect a montage of hero throwing warious stuff in a shopping cart, and then, basically, creating weapons from it. Said montage is likely to involve the hero strapping two pieces of his "weapon" together, or pouring some (usually explosive) liquid in a bottle, et cetera, usually with no actual explanation of how did it work.



Iron Man 3 shows Tony Stark shopping and after that creating a pistol, several bombs and a shocker glove before the assault on the Mandarin's mansion.

In Shooter Bob also creates loads of explosives and napalm with gooods bought is a department store.

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