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Thirty Sue Pileup

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What should happen when one of these occurs

Mary Sue is legion. She has many forms, each more terrible than the one before. And she breeds.

Some authors, through either myopia or self-absorbtion, don't stop at just one. They pile the Sue on. "Let's see, Purity Sue for the heroin, of course. Villain Sue pitted against her, because my villain should be cool, too. Wait, people might think this is stereotypical, let's put her friend Anti-Sue in there to show everyone I'm a serious author..."

And then there are authors that don't want anyone stealing the limelight from the surrogate, so they pile every single Sue trait onto one character, creating a sort of Hive Sue.

Parody Sue is usually this done deliberately, although it can become hard to tell it was supposed to be a joke.

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  • Picture at the top is from House Sparklypoo, a webcomic that has great fun playing with Sue stereotypes.
  • Sonichu, of course, has a bad case of this. You've got the title character, his girlfriend, the author's self-insert, Villain Sues like Mary Lee Walsh and Naitsirhc, the author's various "sweethearts"...
  • The Gonter Verse may have at least one or two Sues or Stus per story, but when you consider they all seem to be in the same universe, they slowly start to form one of these.
  • My Immortal long ago passed the Sue Event Horizon.
  • Robert A. Heinlein's books tend to turn out this way, especially as he got older. All the main characters are Mary Sues, they all tend to have the same political outlook (or if not at first, they are soon easily convinced by the others) and anyone who disagrees is a Strawman Political. The strange thing is that he manages to (mostly) pull it off because he was just such a good writer. It generally is a Fridge Logic moment later (or it takes someone to point it out) that you realize his characters never seem to have anything other than minor flaws which they soon correct.
  • Battle of the Sues from the Forum Games.
  • Elly, Elizabeth, Michael and Anthony make one of these in For Better or for Worse, mainly in the later years of the strip.
  • Ur-example: Star Ruby and her friends from Transformers Fan Fic.
  • The author's self insert and his friends in the So Bad, It's Horrible Sailor Moon / Urotsukidoji crossover, "The Coming of Munihausen." The same can be said for most of the villains as well.
  • Cori Falls tends to do this to all the characters she likes.
  • The original Star Wars trilogy. Let's see here, the main characters are:
    • A farmboy who finds out that his dad was part of a legendary order of magic wielding knights, so he leaves home to become an Instant Expert Jedi knight (when the prequils would later reveal that Jedis are normally trained from infancy).
    • A beautiful rebellious princess.
    • A Deadpan Snarker rogue who bangs said princess.
      • These may be debatable, Star Wars kind of... well not invented them, but set them in pop culture's Hive Mind, as it were. Mary Sues are generally pale copies of an original.

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