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Hungry Villain
An antagonist whose only goal is getting food to eat
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There are many common villain motives, like world domination, world destruction, money, revenge...

But one particular, is just having a snack, the villain is a kind of predator that just wants to eat to naturally end his hunger, but the process will harm other characthers, many times by eating them.

Some of them will be presented as straight evil, but some can get sympathetic, it's not fault of the characther being born as some kind of carnivore that needs to eat weaker creatures to live and since all viewers needs to eat food too and we are always doing harm to living beings when eating meat or even vegetables.

Sometimes the characther can still be on the evil side, wanting to eat something that is not supposed to be eaten or still doing evil deeds to aquire food, or stealing the food of the other good characthers.

Can be a kind of Grey and Grey Morality or White and Grey Morality


  • Galactus from Marvel Universe, he is considered a villain, but he is not evil, just because he eats whole planets doesn't mean he is bad, all the billions of people that die in the process are like microorganisms to him.

  • Big Bad Wolf from fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood or Three Little Pigs.

  • Many villains from cartoons, like Tom, Sylvester, Wile E. Coyote, Taz, many of them are sympathetic and we even start prefering the antagonist over the protagonist.

  • The pigs from Angry Birds, they just want to eat some eggs, they are a bit evil and their leader is a jerk, but still.

  • Hopper from A Bug's Life starts like this, exploring the ants to get food for himself and his gang, but later changes his goal from just controlling the ants so they don't defy the grasshoppers.

  • Kaa was reinvented as this in Disney's adaptation of The Jungle Book. His only motivation is gluttony for the most part, he is however over the top in his antagonism and enjoys "playing with his food". Interestingly he is actually a childhood friend of the protagonists in the Jungle Cubs spin off.
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