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The Generic White-Collar Office Job
That office job that lots of fictional dads have, but it's never specified what their actual role in the company is
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Do We Have This One??

This is the boring, shirt-and-tie, water-cooler, cubicle job that just about every fictional father, and many other people (mostly men), have. Typically, they sit at a computer desk all day typing, faxing things, making phone calls, downloading dirty pictures, etc.

However, after a while, you notice something peculiar: it's never stated what all this typing, faxing and calling is actually supposed to accomplish. Often, their Pointy-Haired Boss will nag them about nonspecific "reports" or "contracts" that they're presumably late on.

The reason for this genericness is likely to reach as wide a range of the audience as possible.


  • Too many advertisements involving work to count.
  • The father, Darryl MacPherson, in Baby Blues. He's called a "manager," but his department is never mentioned.'
  • Dagwood from Blondie is constantly nagged by his boss Dithers about "contracts," but as for what those contracts are for or what he does with them? Nada.
  • This was parodied in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants, where Spongebob and Patrick adopt a baby scallop. Patrick took the role of Standard '50s Father and went to "work" every day in a suit, but at the end of the episode it's revealed that he just went to his old house and ate donuts and watched TV all day.
  • A running joke in Friends is that no one can accurately describe Chandler's job.
  • For a while Calvin's dad in Calvin and Hobbes had this job, but he was later specified as a patent attorney.
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