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Fed To The Beast
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One of the classic ways for a villain to Kick the Dog is to feed somebody to a monster or man-eating animal that he or she keeps around for some reason. Sometimes this is a Human Sacrifice to a dragon, demon or Eldritch Abomination, often involving someone getting Chained to a Rock; but more than one villain's underling has also met his end this way, usually for failing him or outliving his usefulness.

If the villain tries to do this to the hero, expect the hero to kill the beast or escape in some other fashion. It's also not uncommon for villains fond of feeding people to beasts to meet their end by being eaten by the beast in turn, if the hero didn't kill the beast beforehand.

Fantasy villains have all kinds of monsters to choose from, ranging from dragons to giant snakes to giant vermin to demons or something even weirder. Modern villains will often have their victims eaten by tigers or sharks or some other large man-eating carnivore. Sci-fi villains will often have some really freaky alien monster to feed people to.

This one's an old pulp trope, and Lord knows how many times I've seen it.
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