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Asian Buck Teeth
When an Asian character is depicted with large buck teeth as defined by common stereotypes.
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There is unfortunate teeth trope in the early and even mid 20th century in which people of East Asian descent are drawn with buck teeth.

Buck teeth (two middle incisors sticking out of the mouth) are the teeth stereotype most common to Chinese and most other people of East Asian descent. The teeth stereotype most common to Japanese people, however, is either horselike teeth or misaligned teeth (rather like the British Teeth stereotype) that often stick out of the mouth. Both teeth stereotypes are discredited.

World War 2 depictions of the Japanese typically involved either buckteeth, horselike teeth, misaligned teeth rather like British Teeth, or fangs (not Cute Little Fangs, but grotesque Fangs Are Evil).

This is often a component of Yellow Face.

Subtrope of Facial Profiling. Compare with British Teeth.


Comic Books
  • Many depictions of Japanese in World War 2 U.S. comics had this feature. An example from SuperDickery.
  • An old Archie comic drawn by Dan De Carlo that had an example of this.
  • All Asians in Mortadelo y Filemón, even in the latest releases.
  • The Adventures of Tintin: Mitsuhirato, a villainous Japanese businessman in China, is drawn with stereotypically buck teeth, notable in a comic that was very progressive for its time in terms of racial attitudes (well, not counting the first book). Understandable in that at the time the character was written, Japan was currently engaged in a very brutal occupation of China, and Herge made his views abundantly clear. A much more sympathetic Japanese policeman does appear in a later book, however, who is drawn normally.
    • From the very first Tintin, the two Chinese torturers have teeth like this.
  • Lucky Luke: the Chinese launderer has teeth like this, as do many others. The leader of the Triads in Rantanplan's Heritage does not, however.
  • Dan's cousin, Chin-Kee from American Born Chinese looks like a bad Chinese stereotype, complete with buck teeth. He is drawn with this trait as part of his "embodiment of every negative Chinese stereotype ever."


Live Action TV
  • On the American version of The Office, Micheal dresses up as a character he calls "Ping," and does a terribly unfunny and racist Asian Speekee Engrish routine.

  • Very common in World War 2 anti-Japanese Allied propaganda. Even Dr. Seuss got into the act.
  • A lot of Roger Shimomura's artwork features Japanese caracitures that have either buck teeth or misaligned teeth or at least have yellow skin like many of The Simpsons characters.

Newspaper Comics

  • Possible contributing factor to the racewank early in Homestuck fandom; John and Jade have buck teeth and are sometimes portrayed as Asian in fanworks. The artstyle is such that it's impossible to tell what, if any, race they were intended to be and since they were effectively cloned from nothing instead of being born, nothing says they actually have to fit into any recognisable racial category. The wank seems to have mostly died out by now, though.

Western Animation
  • Krusty does it on The Simpsons when he goes back to stand-up comedy, showing how out-of-touch he is. [1]
  • In the old Disney short Der Fuehrer's Face, the caricature of Hirohito looks like this.
  • Joe Jitsu from The Dick Tracy Show has buck teeth.
  • Si and Am the two Siamese from Lady and the Tramp have either buck teeth or Cute Little Fangs.
  • Shun Gon the Siamese cat (a.k.a. the Chinese Cat) has buck teeth.
  • Many early Looney Tunes shorts used this for japanese and other east asian stereotypes
  • This turned up in the Fleischer's Superman Cartoons episode "Japoteurs" with Superman foiling some bad Japanese stereotypes from sabotaging American War Effort.
  • Charlie from Mister Magoo has buck teeth.
  • South Park sometimes features East Asian people with buck teeth, like the kid, Junichi in the "Jewbilee" episode.
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