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Putting the Pee in Pool
Someone relieves themselves in a swimming pool.
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"Welcome to our 'ool. Notice there is no "Take a crap in it" in it. Please keep it that way"
Strong Bad, Homestar Runner''

Someone urinates (or, occasionally, defecates) in a swimming pool, either by accident or on purpose. If it's an accident, it's also a Potty Failure. Usually in cases of urinating on purpose, they believe because the water is chlorinated it will clean itself... or they're that much of a jerkass that they just don't care. This is almost always Played for Laughs, but it can be Played for Drama if needed. This is one way to put some Toilet Humor in a work.

Compare Urine Trouble.


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  • Subverted in Caddy Shack. When a child throws a chocolate bar into the pool, everyone assumes that it is a large turd, causing a major overreaction from everyone.
  • In Grown Ups, Eric causes chaos at a waterpark when he discovers that they really do put a chemical in the water that turns urine blue.
  • The pre-title sequence of the Australian comedy You and Your Stupid Mate culminates with one of the two heroes relieving himself in the pool. The lifeguard yells at them both, delivering a Title Drop in the process.

  • Bud Not Buddy: At the YMCA, one of the employees announces that the pool has been treated with a chemical that turns urine red and burns the user as a punishment. Bud is offended that the employee would even assume that he would pee in the pool in the first place.
  • In one of Dave Barry's books, he mentions the fact that people pee in pools. Paraphrased:
"Okay, I haven't done so, and you probably haven't either, but somebody does, which leads to bacterial growth, and chemicals to combat said bacteria. Eventually, it'll get to the point that there's no actual WATER in the pool, just urine, bacteria and chemicals. This is why you never see the owner of the pool swimming."

     Live-Action TV 
  • In one Crank Yankers sketch, Special Ed calls up a health club and tearfully apologizes to the manager for having peed in the pool.
  • Implied (but probably not actually done) in this prank from The Jamey Kennedy Experiment.
  • On Friends Monica was once making out with Richard when she blurted out "I can't believe I'm kissing the man whose pool I once peed in." This gets a Too Much Information response from him.
  • In one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jonathan Levinson admits to peeing in the swim team's pool.

  • Singer-songwriter Jim Croce mentions this between songs on a live concert recording (Jim Croce Live The Final Tour from Saja Records): "It's like peein' in the pool. Everybody's done it."

     Newspaper Comics 
  • Calvin And Hobbes: When Calvin refuses to allow Hobbes to share his swimming pool, Hobbes retaliates by deliberately shedding fur in the water, prompting Calvin to get out in disgust. Hobbes' victory is short-lived when Calvin implies he invoked the trope before getting out.

     Urban Legends 
  • There is a legend of a chemical that turns pee red when mixed with it, pointing out the offender to the pool owner and the other patrons.

     Video Games 
  • One of many ways to mess with your Sims is to put them in a swimming pool, delete the ladder that the game treats as the only possible exit, and leave them there until they wet themselves and/or starve or die of exhaustion.

  • In this Penny Arcade, the two main characters are in a swimming pool with children, and one of them ponders just how much of the swimming pool's water is actually baby pee. The other responds that they're actually in a play structure.

     Western Animation 
  • In the American Dad! episode "An Incident at Owl Creek" Stan cannonballs into a pool and accidentally craps himself in front of everyone.
  • South Park:
    • A water park is thrashed by a tidal wave of urine when the pool is peed on one time too many.
    • In an earlier episode, Cartman is forced to take swimming lessons with first graders, and he complains because he says that they'll pee in the pool. True to his prediction, whenever Cartman must pass by them, the water turns yellow as the children pee in the pool. Many "Oh, weak!" comments from Cartman ensue.
  • An early episode of Beavis And Butthead has Beavis accidentally fall into a pool of sharks. He pees in the pool, setting off an alarm, ensuring he'll be rescued before the sharks eat him. Later, Butt-Head asks Beavis if he peed because he was smart or because he was scared. Beavis says he did it because it feels good. Butt-Head agrees; "That's why I pee in the pool!"
  • Total Drama:
    • On Island, Izzy pees in the resort pool, justifying it by stating that the water is chlorinated.
    • Owen does this at least once in World Tour.
  • Occurs in two consecutive scenes in the Futurama episode The Deep South. In the first, the mermaid swimming next to Fry remarks "did the water just get warmer?", and later, while next to a volcanic vent, she remarks "did the water just get cooler?"
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